Thursday, September 22, 2005

I really am Cinderella!

Okay, Tuesday was the craziest day ever. For those of you who are not CSS friends, you might not know that my friends and I are each a Disney princess. I am Cinderella. And part of my story came true on Tuesday night!

Enough background info. On Tuesday the whole group decided to get dressed up and go out to eat at an Italian restaurant downtown. I bought a beautiful skirt on Sunday, so I was excited to have the chance to wear it. The professors rode downtown in one of the cars, and the rest of us had to either take a taxi or the bus. Half of us decided to take the bus because it's cheaper and it drove by before a taxi did. Bad idea! This is the rainy season...and it can rain really really hard. As we were riding downtown, it started to pour. I've never seen it rain so hard in my life! The driver kept having to pull over to wipe off the windshield. He couldn't see where he was going.
When we got downtown (remember that the city is in the mountains so the roads are very steep), the three of us stepped off the bus and into a huge puddle that was flowing down the street. I was wearing flip-flops, and as I stepped up onto the sidewalk, one of them was washed away down the street! I tried to run and catch it, but the cement was really slippery and it's hard to run with only one shoe. So I gave up on that and just kept walking with one shoe. The people waiting on the sidewalk were quite amused to see a gringa walking down the street in one sandal.

The guy we were walking with suggested that I stop in a shoe store and buy another pair of shoes, since one doesn't do me much good. So I threw away my other shoe and walked in barefoot. Luckily I found another pair of cheap flip-flops. But sizes are different in the US. A saleslady helped me, but she didn't find my story as amusing as I did. Apparently my Spanish isn't so great, but I already knew that!

We walked down the street a couple more blocks to the restaurant, and we were soaked through and through. The rest of the group was smart enough to take a taxi, so they beat us there and were relatively dry. It's hard to order Italian food in a restaurant in Mexico, but we figured it out.

Afterwards, the students all went salsa dancing at a place down the street. We found one of the few open tables, but the chairs were all wet. My skirt was completely soaked! Nobody danced much; we just had nasty chocolate cake for dessert. Then a few of us took a cab back to the house.

On the way back, one of the guys fell into the mud. The girl with us had fallen in the street when we got off the bus downtown, but we were walking in front of here so we didn't know. We didn't even look back! I feel bad. Anyway, all 3 of us had bad things happen, but for some odd reason that was the best night so far!

Now you know why I am Cinderella...I lost a shoe, but I am still waiting for some Mexican prince charming to bring it back to me! :)

I will write more about my adventures later. I hope you're all having a great week. Stay in touch!


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